About Opamp Labs

Opamp Labs, founded by Bela Losmandy in 1965, has been manufacturing Audio and Video products, in Hollywood (Los Angeles) California, USA since 1965.

In 1970 Bela Losmandy, Chief Engineer and founder of Opamp Labs, was awarded a Technical Academy Award from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy for his concept and design of sound used in the Motion Picture industry.

Bela cleverly designed and manufactured Opamps to retrofit the now obsolete "Vacuum Tube" that were permanently used in the then "modern radio stations" throughout the United States and other countries. His octal socket Amplifiers were used to replace the vacuum tubes that were known to have minimal noise distortion. These Amplifiers were easily changed out with no real perceivable difference in sound quality. The world was going to Solid State due to the ever growing manufacturing costs of Vacuum Tubes. Solid State lasted much longer because the technology no longer had filaments that would burn out like the vacuum tubes, thus having a much longer shelf and use life.

Bela also had a line of Recording Consoles that were used at Motown, and major studios throughout the "recording and sound facilities" in tinsel town.

Today, we manufacture many of the industry's best Audio/Video Distribution Press Feed boxes with unsurpassed quality.